Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Russia is strong women

"Different people gave different patterns of human ideals," - wrote in his essay "Europe and the soul of the East" (1938) was a German philosopher W. Schubart. The Chinese are wise, the Hindus - the ascetic, the Romans - the ruler, the British and Spanish - an aristocrat, the Germans - soldiers, Russia also presents his ideal woman. The highest achievement of Russian-ness, and the woman is declared in the writings of native authors. Thus, PA Bakunin enjoy the following words: "And if we, Russian, and this can boast in our squalid living environment, the only way Russian women" "... never been anywhere, but anywhere else and can not be female image is cleaner, simpler, intimate, majestic and beautiful. "

What makes these and many other authors declare a woman is actually the personification of Russian-ness? What is the structure of the image of Russian women? As it is associated with the image of Russia itself and the context in which function? Let's try to answer these questions, drawing as sources historiosophical texts of domestic and foreign authors.

Thus, such a high score of Russian women is built around the thesis of its special influence on the existence of Russia. GD Gachev believes it is possible to call a woman "the subject of Russian life." In the writings of thinkers such an idea appears more than once, and even IL Solonevich, whose views on the "determinant of the Russian character" is not traditional, emphasizes that the role of Russian women in Russia is crucial.

Similar estimates are included in the image of Russia, which exists in the West, Russia represents a woman, because she is an exclusive role in the life of our country. Thus, the Englishman C. Graham, describing a woman's place in the Russian space, concludes: "Russia is strong women."

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