Thursday, July 19, 2012

Body language and gestures to lure a Russian girl.

When you are confident when you know that even if the girl refuses, you'll be able to seduce the other - it gives you a sense of confidence and peace of mind and as a consequence improves your perception, your sensitivity. You just do not lose your head, to adequately perceive the Russian girl - in the words of David X - the world's 3 billion vaginas, why do you only need this one? :-)
Improve their self-esteem - improving your perception - as reduced overstated the significance of Russian girls.

Frequently communicate with the girls, are often pick-up, they often try to seduce - vobschem get your experience.

Ideally, it is desirable to be when you communicate in the flow - do not think what to say and easy, relaxed chat. Communicate unconsciously, not to think what to say and just talk.
It comes with experience.

What does calibration of a seduction.
At the right moment you can see that the Russian girl wants to agree, even if it is verbal, and obviously does not show.
Especially when you want to make a fast and spins Russian girl on the street to "go to my house" - the period of non-verbal (without words), the consent of the Russian girls can be second, and need at that moment just to go to catch the car, but not before noticed this second consent of the girl.

The calibration allows us to understand when to kiss a girl for the first time, where she was touched when to start undressing Russian girl.

Additionally, girls are more open to guys who are not brakes - they open up those guys who feel keenly the situation, who use their chances (notice when a girl is ready to move forward and move into her seduction)

In the group of people is your calibration can be your competitive advantage.
If you can notice the slightest changes, people's reactions, you may be more sensitive, subtly responsive to manipulate than others in the group and is + you.

Calibration of a Russian girl is giving you to understand the move if you're in the right direction or not, and you have to change their actions to seduce her.

So the calibration in the girls seduction is very important.

The ability to calibrate the people will help you not only in the seduction of girls, this skill will help you negotiate better, communicate better - this is a big plus lessons pickup - you grow to seduce young girls at the same time develop skills that will be useful to you in other areas of your life.

Exercises to develop calibration
Being in public places try to look at the person to consider it and try to feel what he feels, what his mood now, what he thinks about why he is sitting in that position than he does.

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