Monday, June 11, 2012

Young russian girls naked

Nothing. Yet he could not live one - in pale solitude satisfaction and raise pheasants to be killed in his time hunting fat people after breakfast. As all this was negligible - is negligible up to the limit! But why think that? What was to worry about it. Russian women did not think, and not a demon-rested, until the day when the woman entered his life. It was almost ten years older than her - and in a thousand times over her life experiences. The connection between them grew deeper. He foresaw the day when they will have to live together. "For the bonds of love are hard to break." And then what? What then? He must start his life again - with nothing to start. Does he have the right to associate with him this woman? Should he go through a terrible storm with her crippled husband? And through the same thing with my wife who hates him? How does all this hard! And he was no longer young and thoughtless boy. Nor was he a carefree person. Any ugliness and bitterness of pain stabbed him. But even if they are freed from Sir Clifford and his own wife - what will they do? What will he do? What will he do with his life? Because he had to do something. He could not just sit on his small pension and her money. All that was insoluble. He thought about going to America - to try his luck in the new land. He did not believe in the dollar, but it may be, in addition, it was something else. He did not stay in one place and could not sleep. It was after midnight when he came out of the tetanus, their thoughts, took his gun and coat. "Come, my dear - he said the dog - we will be better in the forest. "It was a starry night, the moon was not. He was careful and cautious-pricks, making his usual nocturnal rounds. The only person he met, were miners, putting snares for rabbits. Crawling in the lawsuits are poachers soothed his nerves and changed the direction of his thoughts. When he walked around the entire forest - making nearly five miles, - he was tired. He went to the top of the hill and looked around. In addition to the weak staccato noise of russian women mines, all was silent, and there were almost no lights except for a number of brilliant electric lights over the work in the mines. The world lay in the dark and smoky dream. It was half past two. But even sleeping - the world was hard and cruel, and shuddered from a passing train whistle or hum a huge truck on the road and flashed russian women smoke blast furnaces. It was a world of iron and coal - the cruelty of iron and coal smoke, - and above all this endless insatiable greed of the rules, and trembled in his heavy sleep.

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