Monday, June 11, 2012


A voice from the black darkness of the primary life! The russian women above her heard that cry at that time, as his life was poured into it. And when she had calmed down - he subsided too and lay perfectly still, without knowing anything. Her embrace slowly relaxed, and she lay motionless. So they were lying and did not know anything around, even to each other, both lost in oblivion. Until at last he began to recover, and noticed his defenseless nakedness, and she felt his body pressed against her again. He walked away from her, but russian women felt that she would not survive if he would leave it uncovered. He must now cover it all themselves. But he finally pulled away, kissed, and closed it, and began to dress. She lay and looked up at the branches of trees, still unable to move. He got up and buttoned up his trousers, looking around. All was silent and lonely, but the dog did not lay-away, face buried in the legs. He sat down next to Connie, and silently took her hand. She turned to him. "This time we finished together," - he said. She did not answer. "As good as it is. Most of the people all his life does not know what that means!" - He said thoughtfully. She looked into his eyes. "Yes - she said - Are you happy?" "Happy is he - he said. - But do not talk about it." He did not want her to say. And he bent down and kissed her, and she feels the shaft, that he should kiss her way - always. Finally she sat down. "And people rarely end up together?" - She asked with russian women any. "Most of them - never. It can be seen by their non-hungry mature expression." He spoke reluctantly, regretting that he had begun it. "Are you finished with the other women? "He looked at her. "I do not know - he said - I do not know. "And she realized that he would never tell her that what does not want to talk. She looked at his face, and a passion for it stirred in her guts. She resisted her, as she could, because it meant to lose you. He put on a jacket or coat, and pulled the branches to reach the track. The last rays of the sun gilded wood. - "I will not go on, - he said - you'd better not."

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