Monday, June 11, 2012

Kissing russian women

His body is hard pressed against russian women, and she did not want to fight more. He looked around. "Come here. Here" - he said, looking at the thick spruce, - they were still young and not so high. He looked at her. She saw his eyes, intense and brilliant, fierce, without love. But the power will leave her. A strange heaviness filled by its members. She gave up. He led her through a wall of thorny trees, through which it was difficult to pass - to a small open place, where lay a pile of dry branches. He gave them his coat, and she had to lie there under the trees, like an animal, as he stood waiting, her caretaker exhausted, trapped eyes. Yet he was considerate - russian women arranged that she was comfortable to lie down. But in his haste he tore her clothes - she did not help him, but lay motionless there. He also revealed to her body and she felt his nakedness on their own, when he entered it. For a moment he was motionless in her, tense and trembling. And when he began to move, it awakened a strange shudder rises, the soft lights, soft as feathers, running, shiny and incredibly beautiful, and everything inside it melted into them. It was like the ringing of bells, exploding upwards and upwards to the heavens. She lay there, hearing nothing, and aware, not hearing their wild weak cries that she was making at the end. But it all ended too soon, and she could not bring himself to end his own activity. It was another, more! She could not. She could no longer cling to his own satisfaction without it. She could russian women, wait and moan in the shower, feeling that he leaves, leaves and compressed - is approaching the terrible moment when the slip completely out of it. At the time, like all her womb was open and soft, and gently agitated, and trembled like a starfish under the surging water, - trembled so that he came back and sang to her desire. - She clung to him, without knowing it himself, and she felt his soft member moved to her again. And the strange rhythms filled her with a strange surging rhythmic movement growing, growing, growing until it filled all her mind, and then began again the unspeakable motion that there was no movement, but as a deepening in her whirlwind of sensations, penetrating deeper and deeper through her entire body and mind, until she became a single stream of feelings, - and lay there, letting the unconscious, incoherent cries.

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