Monday, June 11, 2012

Long hair russian women

She no longer wanted it - it was familiar and futile. About-content of - that's what was her happiness. This feeling was so bottomless, so tender, so deep and so unknown. No, no, it would abandon its hard, brilliant, imperious woman, and she was tired of her, she stale in it, she was so anxious to dive into a new life in the depths of her womb, which sang a silent song of adoration to him. And it is too early to be rejected by men.
"I was in the russian women and drank tea with the IFA. Flint - she said Clifford. - I wanted to see her child. Beautiful child, hairs, as the red spider. Such a darling! Himself mr. Flint went to the market, and we - it and I - had tea together. you are worried about where I am? "
"Yes, I did not know where you are, but I assumed that you have gone to someone for a cup of tea," - said Clifford jealously. Somehow second sight he saw in it something new, something entirely strange to him, but he ordered a child. Flint. He thought the whole point is that Connie is not a child, that she could not, so to speak, to give birth to his own.
"I saw you walking through the park to the iron gate, my lady, - said the IFA. Bolton. - And I thought that you must go to the rector."
"I almost went there, but then turned to the russian women."
The eyes of both women met - gray and piercing eyes MRS. Bolton and blue, misty, strangely beautiful eyes Connie.  Bolton was almost sure that she has a lover, but it could be, and who could be him? Where there was a man?
"It's so good for you - go and see the people-at least not russian women - said MRS. Bolton - I said to Sir Clifford, that lady would be so helpful to see more people."
"Yes, I'm glad I went. This is such a wonderful baby, Clifford - said Connie. - Her hair is just like a cobweb, bright orange and unusual, bold light blue eyes. Course, is de-
russian women, otherwise it would not be so fearless ".
"You're right, my lady, she's a little Flint. They have always been fearless blond family", - said the IFA. Bolton.
"You would not want to see it, Clifford? I invited them to tea, so that you can see it."
"Who?" - He asked, looking at the growing discontent with Connie.
 Flint and the baby - the following Monday. "
"You can drink tea with them in your living room" - he said.
"Why? You do not want to see the baby?" - She cried.

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