Monday, June 11, 2012

16 year old russian girls

India, Egypt, India, again, blind, thoughtless life with horses, a colonel, who lovedhim and whom russian women loved, the few years that he was an officer, a lieutenant, having a full opportunity to become a captain. Then the colonel's death from pneumonia, and his profound dissatisfaction, his resignation from the army and return to England in order to once again be working. He was trying to adjust to life - he thought it would be safe here in the woods at least for a while. There have not yet hunted, he had only to show pheasants. He thought he would be alone here, away from life - it was all he wanted. He was supposed to be on some ground, and this was his birthplace. There's even lived his mother, although russian women had never meant much in his life. He could continue his life here - no ties, no hope, because he did not know what to do with himself. He did not know what to do with himself. Since in the course of several years he was an officer and moved into the community and government officials and other officers with their wives and families - he has lost all desire to "rise again." Because he knew them, in the middle and upper classes was rude, rude, and strange rubber lifeless - it made him feel alienated and completely different from them. So he returned to his own class in order to find in it what he had forgotten during his absence - and unbearably nasty pettiness vulgarity. In the end he had to agree, how important was the appearance and manners. russian women agreement also with how it was important not to ignore the money and the little things in life. The upper classes pretended not to notice them. But among the common people there was no pretense. Have a penny more or less - it was extremely important. More important than anything else. And he could not accept it. Of course, this was in fact a struggle for existence. Living between the proprietary class, he knew what to expect to solve this problem under the existing circumstances, it was in vain. Permissions could not be. The only thing that remains - is not taken care of, not to think about earnings. But if you were poor - you had to care for and think about it. It became the sole concern of the people. Caring about money was like a terrible disease, eating all classes of society. But he refused to worry about money. And what then? What is offered instead of the life of this care?

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