Monday, June 11, 2012

Make friends with russian girls

"Today they are milked too late -  Flint said sternly. - Russian women know that my husband will not come back until the evening. "Women came to the young forest. In the grass was empty russian women. "This bottle is a forester, - explained the IFA. Flint. - We give him milk, and it comes in a bottle here." "When?" - Asked Connie. "When it happens in these parts? Most of the morning. Goodbye, Lady Chatterley, and come again. It was so nice to see you! "Connie went into the forest along a narrow path. Flint flew inversely across the field. Connie did not like this part of the forest, it seemed this gloomy and stifling thick. She hurried home, bent his head down and thinking about the baby Flint. The girl was pretty, but probably it will have a slightly crooked legs, as her father. How warm and happy to have a child, and as Flint was proud of him! Well, it was something that was not a Connie, which probably could not be. Yes, MRS. Flint boasted of their motherhood, and little Connie, a little jealous of her. It was involuntary. She came out of his reverie and cried out in fright. Before her stood a man. It was a forester, he was standing on the track, blocking her way. "Where are you from?" - He said in surprise. "How did you come?" - She asked, abruptly, panting. "And you? You were in the lodge?" "No, no, I've been to Flint. "He was curious and looked searchingly at her, and she hung her head guiltily. "And you went into the hut now? ' - He asked sternly. "No. I can not. I was at Flint. Nobody knows where I am. I'm late. I need to run." "So, you give me resign?" - Russian women said with a weak, risible on-smile. "No, no. But ...""What else?" - And he stepped up to her and hugged her. She felt the front of his body so close beside him, - a lively and vibrant. "Oh, not now, not now" - she cried, trying to push him away. "Why not? Now for only six hours. We still have half an hour. No, no, I want you. "He held her, and she felt his resolve. Her old instinct told her that she must fight for their freedom. But something else in it was strange inert and silent.

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