Monday, June 11, 2012

Poor russian women

"Come unto me, thou russian women with me?" - Connie said the girl. Baby indifferently silent, and Connie grabbed it and landed on her lap. How warm and happy was to keep the child on her knees - soft little hands, unconsciously brave little feet. "I just drank tea - all alone. My husband went to the market. Do not drink if you cup, Lady Chatterley? Of course, this is not a tea, to which you are accustomed to, but ..."Connie agreed to have a cup, although she did not like when she was reminded of what it used to. The table was covered again, brought the very best and the best cup of tea. "But please, do not worry!" - Connie said. But if MRS. Flint was not worried, it would not get anyone nick-pleasure of the visit Connie. Connie played with the girl and for her young-russian women  invincible and soft young warmth. Young Life! This fearless! This fearless, because so defenseless. And all the adults always limited by fear! Connie drank strong tea, ate a delicious bread with butter and sweet biscuits. Flynt blush, and burned, and suppressed his excitement, as if Connie were some noble prince. But they were a real woman's chatter, and both enjoyed it. "It's not a very good tea," - said the IFA. Flint. "It's much tastier than at home", - said Connie truthfully. "Oh!" - MRS Flint said, not believing her, as was supposed. Finally, Connie stood up. "I have to go - she said - my husband has no idea where I am. He will be worried." "He would never think that you're here - laughed excitedly MRS. Flint - he would send to look for you." "Goodbye, Josephine," - said Connie, kissing the baby and playing with his red, fuzzy hairs. Flint insisted, and Connie released through the main door. They went to a small garden. Along the track in two rows of growing pansies, velvety and lush. "Lovely flowers" - said Connie. "Carefree, as they are called husband - MRS laughed. Flint. - Take a few." And she eagerly began to tear the velvet flowers. "Enough, enough," - said Connie. They went to the garden gate and went out into the field. The birds were filled with all the voices in wild evening triumph in the woods. A russian women that walked slowly across the field.

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