Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to get acquainted with Russian girl friend?

She grabs you liked the Russian girl's hand and tries to drag, with the words: "She does not want to communicate with you," "Come here" (his girlfriend). Or, even more blatantly when he said in your address any bad words. Quietly assuming that everything in the order of things. What does she have the right to tell you. And I have been occasions when her friend grabbed and dragged me. I do not know about you, but I want at such moments to give you a kick. What she has the right to decide for her friend, what to do. And especially for me!

This "Women's Friendship", instead of happy for her friend that she was approached by a nice guy, she, out of envy: "How so? If not me, then she will not get! "Starts to do anything to the guy merged. What an ego!? Sometimes it goes beyond all boundaries! What then seducing a Russian girl? There would not get the bag on the neck of her friend)).

Or in a cafe, table, sit a few Russian girls, about 5 may 6. You come, you start to talk, you need only select one - begins ........

This chicken coop across a bunch of snaps at you, that you pour. Of course, the cases are different, but for the most part it is!

I want to say that rarely happens and opposite reaction (Actually, it depends on various factors, including the city. For example, in Samara, the girl is quite aggressive in this regard, in Kazan or Moscow - much easier.) Sometimes, communicate with one of her friends, and the other stands quietly and waits. Here! This is the perfect case. I am in such (rare))) moments can not help but say this friend that she is a real friend, and even a compliment. And I told her I explain in detail - it's why I praise! If the second does not drain you, then it at least brought up the girl and a true friend. And telling her about it, you can still get its location ..

The manifestation of this syndrome is very negative and unpleasant for the men. Simply, many are swallowed and passed. But no. Not me. My students are sometimes very angry about this. I really see that they are not nice, and I believe them. Since these are often confronted with himself.

There are several ways to not bump into it or fight it. Although not to feel negative, you need to initially understand that seduction - a game! And the need to relate to such things - not serious!

Approaching two or more girls need to:

Start communicating directly with all parties

If the complement, then a couple of words of each

The girls, in the process of communication, it is necessary to share! Before moving on to more serious actions (kinesthetics, zainteresovyvanie). As long as you do not split, do not rush to give up emotions and kinesthetics one of them.

You are talking to both, just for a moment, take the hand that which is more like and allot it to the side, it is possible to say with the second: "I hope you do not mind))" or "I'll steal your girlfriend for a minute?" . It is very important - do not just ask and wait for her consent (she usually will not give it to you))), and your question just put it in the fame and PULL ALREADY liked the hand.

If you feel that still her friend starts to drain you, and "YOUR" being the words of friends and also frostbite. You can say, "Hey, that is, a leader in your company?", "Why is she telling you how to do it and you listen to?" This may slightly affect the overall situation and on the seduction of a girl who liked you.

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