Tuesday, September 11, 2012

rules of seduction Russian girl

The basic rules of seduction Russian girl on the dance floor:
I am sure that entice and seduce a beautiful girl in the dance will not be difficult, if consistently follow these tips:

1. During a slow dance with a Russian girl, try to repeat its motion and did not take his eyes from her (duration: about 3 minutes).
2. Begin use the kinesthetic (touch) - bring her hand to her shoulder, and then slowly, occasionally touch her body, move your hand back to her back. All this was done in time with the music and see it in his eyes. As soon as the right arm of a Russian girl hug her back, did the same with the left hand, but is not pressing the girl to her (duration: about 2 minutes).
3. Start slowly stroking her back and gently cuddle, but so that she could raise their hands in the air and, in turn, hold you (remember, coercion is strictly prohibited.) Constantly girl stroking hands, slowly move them down to her waist. Do not squeeze it (yet). Moving his hands down, slow down a little. The women's movement also begin to slow down in time with you. She may not even notice that you're no longer follow the rhythm of the music (duration: about 4 minutes).
4. Keep your hands on her hips, slowly leans his head to her and gently breathe on her neck. Kiss her yet.
5. After his hands slowly down her back up and then down. Using the right time, hold her head to her neck and breathe quietly. Yet more nestle his head toward her. Watch her reaction. Maybe she wants to close their eyes to better feel the charm of sexual contact (duration: about 3 minutes).
6. Lowers her head and hands are even lower, gradually pulling the girl to her. After his hands down to her hips, then back again. Your body needs to be constantly pressed against her. In such contact, a Russian girl to bend with pleasure, but do not do anything overtly sexual and reprehensible. Again spread their shoulders, then bowed his head and breathe on her neck (duration: about 3 minutes).
7. Put your arms around her back with his hands and give her a chance to raise their hands and answer you the same. Now push it to yourself as much as possible, hugging his waist. If you did everything correctly, then she must enter into a deep trance.
8. With stroking movements, again slowly move your hands up to her shoulders. As soon as they are on her shoulders, suddenly stop and get rid of the hands to the side - they should at least hang in the air. Himself to stay close to her, as it was. She has to understand the hint and, in turn, start rubbing your body.
9. Unwrap a girl, so that before you had her back. At the time of the turn you will experience some embarrassment - no contact between the bodies - the only way a girl can be derived from the state of trance. Then, leaning over her head and her Blow gently on her neck, whisper in her ear sweet words ("I love to watch you dance"). Remember, up to this point you have not told each other a single word, so the sound of your voice heavily intoxicated her.
10. Repeat all the things that you did before (Take your hands to the sides, then lower them down to her thighs), but do not touch her breasts and crotch. Let it freeze in anticipation of future pleasures.
11. Expand it again to face him and press firmly to her, breathing in her neck. You continue to slow dance and struggle against each other in spite of a shift at the fast pace of the music.
12. To approach it as if you want to kiss her, but the distance between your lips should not be less than a couple inches - kiss a girl yet. This will intrigue her. Russian girl does not know what to think, what do you expect when she first kissed you, whether you're just teasing her. After that, your lips need to approach to a distance of a few millimeters, and your breathing sound in unison.
13. You merge in a deep kiss, and it lasts forever.

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