Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Russian girls are the most attractive to men.

Russian girls
Results of a recent study of European psychologists on the topic: "What is the secret of attraction for many Russian girls?" - Surprised many experts. Naturally, the study questions were asked only to men. A huge number of men of different ages, professions and nationalities subjected to "interrogation," and I must say that to many of them became a revelation for psychologists.

We have tried to summarize the answers and statements of men by taking note of the most attractive features of their appearance and the nature of women, and that's what images and portraits of Russian girls we have.
Men adore and love ...
Flavor ... just washed women's hair. Psychologists do not bother to ask in this case, which of the other flavors attract more male attention and smell. It turned out that the notes of vanilla, peppermint, fruit and citrus flavors makes it beat faster, many men's hearts.
... Female intellectuals, well-read Russian woman, who would be able to distinguish a conversation with a man "trap" of "spinning", "north pole" of the "southern", "SUV" from "light vehicles", "book" from the "glamor magazine" ... When This is clearly too high presence of mind she should not stick out. That is "cleverness" of Russian  women and their "pomposity", "need to argue about the levels of knowledge" itself and the interlocutor, "turning his nose up" on the amount of the education received and read the book - not the factors of attractiveness in the eyes of men.
... Women artists and occupation. They seem like they are incredibly feminine, interesting, elevated ... They also believe that a creative person has his own particular style and charm in a choice of clothes and the ability to wear it.
Men are like ...
... When a woman with an appetite to eat, and not to drive alone on a plate salad leaf. On the other hand, do not like it when she remembers every moment of the diet, which is constantly forced to support.
... When a beautiful girl wears something extraordinary when it is released into the crowd.
Free gait ... beautiful women. By the word "walk" men called terms such as "flying", "rapid", "smooth", "like fashion models", "with swaying hips." From the point of view of men, beautiful women walking indicates that she loves her body, knows all its subtleties and desires the best quality and is sure that it is delicious.
When a beautiful girl knows how to ... beautiful, fashionable and stylish dance.
... Not too high, natural make-up woman. But the face was without makeup they also uninteresting. Men in this case were shown pictures of women officials to put on them different kinds of makeup. The most preferred were photos of beautiful girls who have been densely dyed long black lashes, a little pink blush highlighted cheekbones and lips gloss.
Net ... facial skin without acne and rough to the touch. Even with a perfect figure of a woman, most likely, not just untidy her face and neck. In any case, when meeting with her.
Men are attracted ...
... Some beautiful parts of the body, a woman who does not hide, and demonstrates. For example, emphasizes the beautiful clothing line of his shoulder or collarbone, chest relief, roundness knees.
... Groomed lips. In this case, surprisingly, the colors are preferred for Russian girls, lips are not purple and always juicy and always believed, and not pale and pastel shades and natural colors of lipstick. Shape of the lips of this should not be vague and exaggerated. Moisture Lip (women achieve it with the help of various glosses) - excessively attracts men.
Thin ... beautiful female hands with a neat manicure on them (without the huge, sharp "claws", as many of them.) To such hands, many of the respondents were in favor, they could watch for hours. Men do not like red, black, purple, blue, gray colors of nail polish. They are more pleasing to behold pink, beige (natural), golden color and pearl lacquer shades.
... Beautiful female eyes. They should, in the apt men saying, "run devils" live "sparks" and "lights". The shape of female eye can attract any, as long as it was extraordinary, unique, and the eyes themselves "big and wide open."
Men is fascinating, surprising, makes you want to ...
Unpredictable nature ... Russian girls, do unexpected from her.
Reaction ... and the behavior of women, which they least expect. Surprise you liked the man. For example, be gentle with him today, and tomorrow suddenly "run your coldness" on themselves.
Voice ... beautiful women. For "velvet" of her voice, he could forgive her even its ugliness. Exactly how to talk, to win the heart of a man? Speak a little slower than usual, it can be done without any training. When you say the words quickly, your voice gets higher and thinner, and when it slows down, the voice begins to sound more gently and deeply.
Then ... when she is not afraid to look into his eyes. If a Russian woman's eyes while talking to "run" in the face man, looking to the side, he ceases to feel her interest, desire to communicate. Produces a skill look him in the eye, or at least delay the look on it for a longer time than you usually do it.

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