Saturday, May 7, 2016

An Ukrainian bride with a child – Problem or Happyness?

You have hoped and prayed for this miracle to happen. You have been patient, found the right Ukrainian dating service, crossed your fingers and searched with care. Then it happened, through Ukrainian dating, you meet the woman of your dreams! She has everything you could ask for and more…like a child.

Before things go any farther with your wonderful woman of the Ukraine, you need to resolve any problems or conflicts you might feel about her child. You need to be truly honest and ask yourself whether your heart is big enough and your will is strong enough to make this happyness a reality.

If you have been married in the past and have children, or have lived in a blended family, you already have valuable experience that you can use to make this marriage a success. If you have custody of your child or children, then both you and your Ukrainian bride-to-be will be in the same position and can help each other with difficulties in equal measure.

Of course, the age and sex of your Lady Love’s child makes a great amount of difference. A baby or very small child’s acceptance of you will likely be quick and uncomplicated. Soon you will be looked at as Daddy by the child and you both can enjoy a loving relationship.

The older a child is, the more potential problems you may encounter. Especially an older or teenage boy has likely felt like his mother’s protector. An open heart toward the boy will go a long way; however, you might consider a little honest bribery. A gift of basketball shoes, laptop, or Ipod from his new American Dad may help.

A teenage girl likely knew all about her mother’s Ukrainian dating service experience, and may well be caught up in all the excitement and romance. Even if she is all for the marriage, a little shopping spree at the mall or a day spa pampering by way of a “thank you” wouldn’t be amiss.

A wise man once wrote that “Love conquers all.” If you want it badly enough, happyness can be yours.

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